Tambora, Our newest Creation. Pre-Order Now..!

In past 6 Months, We are busy on developing an Planar Magnetic Headphone. Development for driver itself was started since 2 Years, then begin to developing another aspect. Today we are opening a Pre-Order for who want to own a first batch of Tambora. We will start production in May 2018, and begin to ship [...]

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We need more time for releasing batch 2 Nuansa P1

Dear All Customers for Nuansa P1 batch 2 production We apologize that we must pending the release time (again) We was fail to estimating total production time. For P1 board actually was finish since 2 weeks ago, but we have trouble on enclosure. We don't have a problem with all Parts that sended from Mouser, [...]

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Thank you all, Nuansa P1 was sold out!

Thank you for all customers, Nuansa P1 batch 1 was sold out.. We will opening Pre-Order for batch 2 tomorrow about 30~40 unit slot. Units will be available 1 month after Pre-Order was closed. So if all slot is full just in 1 week (first week on May 2017) , then the unit will be [...]

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Nuansa P1 Specification and release date

Finally, we can update the information of our new High Resolution Portable Audio Player.. Batch 1 Production Here’s the final specification of Nuansa P1: DAC  : Philips Multibit DAC TDA1387T I/V    : OPA1622 AMP : MUSES02 Battery : 1800MAh Playtime  : 8-10 Hours Charging : 4 Hours USB DAC Mode : Fixed [...]

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