Revamped Firmware for Nuansa P1 & Alternative Marketplace Order

We was working hard to designing the best as we can in Hardware side for Nuansa P1. And Today we are releasing a revamped version on Firmware side for Nuansa P1. Here is the changed and what new features that available in V2.0.0: New Structure : now support 3 level directory. So now you can use [...]

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Firmware Update For Nuansa P1

After getting some feedback fro you guys, Today we are releasing firmware update for Nuansa P1. We have fixing some issues that reported and continuously enhance the system of P1. So here is the update : Change Log: 07-22-2017 V1.0.8: - Bugfix for playing Hi-Res files - Temporary disabling AIFF support. For update [...]

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Batch 2 Production Nuansa P1 Shipped!

Today, Finally we was sent the goods to local shipping agent for local Customers. And Tomorrow we will sent the goods for International Customers to Post Office. Usually for local Shipment will be arrived to Customers in two or three Days. Also we want to share the progress for another project, we hear your request [...]

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We need more time for releasing batch 2 Nuansa P1

Dear All Customers for Nuansa P1 batch 2 production We apologize that we must pending the release time (again) We was fail to estimating total production time. For P1 board actually was finish since 2 weeks ago, but we have trouble on enclosure. We don't have a problem with all Parts that sended from Mouser, [...]

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News update for Nuansa P1 pre-order!

Here is the quick update for batch 2 production. Board production was finish, but we are so sorry that we need more time to finishing the unit. Because of delay shipment of enclosure from manufacture, so we need about 10  days again to finishing the product. From the previous release date is 8th June 2017, the unit [...]

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Thank you all, Nuansa P1 was sold out!

Thank you for all customers, Nuansa P1 batch 1 was sold out.. We will opening Pre-Order for batch 2 tomorrow about 30~40 unit slot. Units will be available 1 month after Pre-Order was closed. So if all slot is full just in 1 week (first week on May 2017) , then the unit will be [...]

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Nuansa P1 available on webstore!

We was able to resolve site problem. So, again.. Batch 1 of Nuansa P1 will be available our webstore. Batch 1 Production At 17:30 WIB, you can buy Nuansa P1 from this link: SHOP International buyers can use Paypal for payment, also for shipping cost will also automatically calculated. We use EMS for international [...]

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