Tambora, Our newest Creation. Pre-Order Now..!

In past 6 Months, We are busy on developing an Planar Magnetic Headphone. Development for driver itself was started since 2 Years, then begin to developing another aspect. Today we are opening a Pre-Order for who want to own a first batch of Tambora. We will start production in May 2018, and begin to ship [...]

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Batch 2 Production Nuansa P1 Shipped!

Today, Finally we was sent the goods to local shipping agent for local Customers. And Tomorrow we will sent the goods for International Customers to Post Office. Usually for local Shipment will be arrived to Customers in two or three Days. Also we want to share the progress for another project, we hear your request [...]

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We need more time for releasing batch 2 Nuansa P1

Dear All Customers for Nuansa P1 batch 2 production We apologize that we must pending the release time (again) We was fail to estimating total production time. For P1 board actually was finish since 2 weeks ago, but we have trouble on enclosure. We don't have a problem with all Parts that sended from Mouser, [...]

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Thank you all, Nuansa P1 was sold out!

Thank you for all customers, Nuansa P1 batch 1 was sold out.. We will opening Pre-Order for batch 2 tomorrow about 30~40 unit slot. Units will be available 1 month after Pre-Order was closed. So if all slot is full just in 1 week (first week on May 2017) , then the unit will be [...]

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Nuansa P1 Specification and release date

Finally, we can update the information of our new High Resolution Portable Audio Player.. Batch 1 Production Here’s the final specification of Nuansa P1: DAC  : Philips Multibit DAC TDA1387T I/V    : OPA1622 AMP : MUSES02 Battery : 1800MAh Playtime  : 8-10 Hours Charging : 4 Hours USB DAC Mode : Fixed [...]

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