Revamped Firmware for Nuansa P1 & Alternative Marketplace Order

We was working hard to designing the best as we can in Hardware side for Nuansa P1.

And Today we are releasing a revamped version on Firmware side for Nuansa P1.

Here is the changed and what new features that available in V2.0.0:

  • New Structure : now support 3 level directory. So now you can use structure like this: /Artist/Album/Track
  • New Prev/Next Track buttons handle : when you are on first Track in current Album and press Prev Button, it will go to last track on previous Album.
  • New Prev/Next Album buttons handle : short press on Prev/Next Album button will go to Prev/Next Album directory. Long press will go to Prev/Next Artis directory
  • Auto Reset : The last play track will reset to beginning when you inserting another MicroSD card, or when you are add / delete content in current MicroSD card.
  • Shuffle Mode : We hope you satisfy with our new Random algorithm.

You can download the update in Download area:


Also for high request from Indonesian peoples to use alternative way to order our products.
Now we also add Nuansa A1 and Nuansa P1 in Tokopedia MarketPlace in this link:


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