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Nuansa A1

Nuansa A1



Nuance : Designating a subtle difference in or shade of meaning,
an expressive variation of “sound” intensity, color, dynamic and tone..

Nuansa A1 is a fully discrete topology of portable headphone amplifier.

Using a mini-melf metal film resistor inside, to stabilize the temperature changes and higher pulse load.

A matched pair input transistor and a high power output transistor of total 14 transistor inside this little beast.

With multiple power filter to ensure a clean working voltage.

A rechargeable battery through a USB Port on this compact and small sizes headphone amplifier, will set you free beyond your imagination.

Make it very portable, reliable and stylish.

Still we give you 3 adjustable switch gain for your personal sound resolution preferences.

This is definitely a MUST HAVE thing of today generation.

Output Power :
215mW @ 33Ω
175mW @ 50Ω
150mW @ 100Ω
110mW @ 200Ω
80mW @ 300Ω
40mW @ 600Ω

Play time :
28~36 hours

Charging time :
4 hours

Battery Capacity :

Dimension & Weight :
20mm (Height) * 50mm (Width) * 95mm (Length) 100gr

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